Creating Creation 12-13-09

This is a first for me. I never thought my words would be in any sort of print, electronic or ink. Here we go, thanks to that needle flying beneath my fingertips. That, and of course my fingers that fly across the key board, turning ideas in my mind into a reality others can see.

Here is "Creation", being created. It has taken 8 months from start to finish!  Since this all happened in precisely the wrong order, now I have the task of charting my creation. You will see it soon...



Anonymous said...

Oh I love love love this! What fibers and fabbie are you using? When will it be ready? I'm ready to dive in!

I'm a regular poster on the hand=dyedfibers board. I may be reached there!


Tempting Tangles said...

So happy to see you - you are my FIRST poster.
Creation is stitched on 26 count natural linen. There are about 30 colors - that is the fun of stitching without charting. No thought to the price you pay later. There are many of the 924-931 and 500-504 DMC series blues and greens plus 524. Several old golds and lavenders. I want to translate it to HDF silks once I get it charted. I am part of the way there. The challenge is, of course, the clouds and the sun. Deb

Anonymous said...

What lovely work! Your colors all look so beautiful together! Good luck with the charting, it looks like a challenge, but well worth while. I would be interested in your chart when you get it done. Also Posies if you are selling it too...Donnie07

Anonymous said...

Oh! It looks sooo pretty!I will eagerly wait for this one! :)
By the way, I'm a regular at hand-dyedfibers board too.


Anonymous said...

Oh Deb, Deb, Deb!!!
I told you when I saw the Creation that it needed to be shared with the world! The picture is lovely, but it doesn't do justice to the real thing.Praying that this endeavor will be fruitful and rewarding.
Blessings ONYA,
Sharon Ferguson

Carol R said...

Such a beautiful "Creation" - congratulations on such a lovely design.

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl!! Knew that your talent was just lurking to get out there. Your designs are so beautiful, am so blessed to have you in my life to share your lovely ideas with me. You inspire me to want to create. Your "Across the Canyon & Up the River" friend, Frances.