Tea Time - new release for early October 2011

Tea Time - a cute design for your kitchen!

Tea Time is a favorite with many of us.  My friend Rebecca presented me with the ornate T in the center and of course, ideas began to form as I did my "wordsmith" fun around the edges. What a darling gift this would be - and twigs are available just about everywhere. ;-)

Design size is 117 x 132, 5 pages, including the how-to on the twig hanger.  

Specialty stitches:  Algerian Eyelet, Satin Fan, back and straight stitch but this design can be stitched over 1 thread of fabric if the count is not too fine. Finished size: stitched on 32 ct over 2, with 2 strands floss, finished size is 7-1/2x 8-1/3”;On 36 ct over 2, finished size is 6-2/3 x 7-1/2” 

The model is stitched on Zweigart’s Belfast 32 ct Willow Green with both Splendor and Gloriana Silks, with a DMC equivalents listed. 

New Release "Moonlit Skaters" of the WaterMeadows Seasons series

'Moonlit Skaters' of the WaterMeadows Seasons series
 The design size is 196 x 198, chart is 11 pages and contains some specialty stitches: Smyrna cross, padded satin stitch, satin stitch fans plus fractional stitches – all with instructions.  The model is stitched on Jobelan Light Grey 28 ct. using DMC floss.  It should be available to local and online needlework shops by mid to late September.

'Wintery Moon' - in the round
Moonlit Skaters is the third release in the WaterMeadows Seasons series.   In February, we released "Wintery Moon" - a round version of the winter skating scene with WaterMeadows Castle in the background, pictured right.

In August, we released "Autumn Nodding", a fall scene with the little village of WaterMeadows in the background beyond the woodland creatures, farm animals, vineyards and golden fields of grain.