Can You Find the Banana?

This playful little Tree Top Birth Sampleris 162 x 161 will be in shops by the end of January 2012. 
This design used Sullivan's cotton floss,and is stitched on Weeks Dye Works linen, "Tin Roof".  I used 40 count and stitched over 2, so can sincerely say thank goodness for the magnifier on my Daylight lamp!

If you have any babies on the way, or any new or even not so new babies who need their very own sampler, this might be the sampler for you!  

Notice I've put my daughter's birth date on this model -and she is not so new at all, but still my darling babe.


January 2012 Releases to warm the tummy

I've had to repost these images as they keep disappearing from my post - to explain why those of you who are subscribed via email are seeing this again.  

These two light-hearted coffee designs will warm both heart and tummy.  Along with Tea Time, they will be displayed at the upcoming TNNA trade show in Phoenix.  For those attending the show, please visit Jo Mason at the Dinky Dyes booth to see these and more of our designs.  Designs should be in shops by month end.

Coffee Compendium
 size 242x 296 stitched on Weeks Dye Works "Straw" 35 ct with Crescent Colours silks.
This design may be stitched over 1 thread of fabric as it contains only full crosses and straight stitch

 Classic Coffee Break 
size 129 x 160 stitched on Weeks Dye Works "Straw 30 ct with combination of Crescent Colours and Gloriana Florimell
This design contains satin stitch, butmay be stitched over 1 thread of fabric
 Classic Coffee Break is a nice companion to Tea Time, as a  lovely gift of friendship- and an easy stitch. 

Tea Time released in Oct 2011
Design size117x132
Contains Algerian Eye, Satin and Fan, some straight stitch,
 this piece works nicely stitched over 1 thread of linen.