Cheerful Up Valentine for late January release

A Cheeful-Up Valentine just for your Special Someone:  

When  was a child, I used to say this to my mother.  I don't remember saying it, of course, but when I grew older, she reminded me more than once.  I suppose it was one of those cute things children say... but it recently came to mind as just the thing for a Valentine. Who cannot use a little "cheerful up"?

 As I was just posting over on my blog that I was in a red and white mood recently and since I've not designed a heart previously, I thought this might be a delicious change.  The blog shows you some stitching in progress but here you see the finished design.  

A Facebook friend asked about the button border on the antique version.   The buttons were a midnight inspiration since I had no heart-shaped frame and wanted something different.  The button boxes in my sewing room are filled with the collecting efforts of both my mother and myself - for many decades.  
Note: The ‘antique’ model was trimmed my personal collection of antique buttons.  A nice "frame" can be created using old buttons that bear some family memories.  Simply arrange them as shown around the stitched heart, which has been closely trimmed – to about  ¾” from the stitching.  Seal the cut edges with fabric glue.  Then either stitch the buttons in place or carefully hot glue them in the desired arrangement.

 Here it is on pure white linen -  a traditional look.

Cheerful Up Valentine will be on the way to distributors by the first of this coming week. It will be in shops by the end of January.     
Here are the details on “Cheerful-Up Valentine” – two versions appear on chart cover.  You can choose which one, or both, to stitch.  Size 149 x 106 stitches.
·        Fabric: Zweigart Edinburgh linen, 40 ct Days Gone By; alternate model is  worked on White Zweigart 36 ct.
·        Floss: Crescent Colours Cotton Razzleberry for the Days Gone By version
 or Dinky Dyes Mingenew or Pilbara Silk on the pure white linen.
·        Finished size on 40 ct over 2: 7 1/3”w x 5 1/3”h.
·        Finished size on 36 ct over 2: 8 1/8”h x 5 7/8”h;
·        Full cross stitches and back stitch only, so that this design can be worked over 1 thread of fabric for a dainty version.