Tempting Teas to Warm Your Tummy

Tempting Teas
Ever since I released Coffee Compendium a bit over a year ago, the tea drinkers of the world have been asking for a companion design.  So ... here it is!  Tempting Teas!!

 The details of “Tempting Teas  

Size 278 x 310 stitches
Fabric used on model is  40 ct Zweigart   Newcastle, “Days Gone By”

 Floss used is Crescent Colours Cotton with xref to Dinky Dyes Silk and DMC.  
 Size on 40 ct over 2: 151/2” w x 14” h
      On 28 ct over 1: 11”w x 10”h
     This design can be worked over 1 thread of fabric.  

Coffee Compendium

  Days Gone By linen fabric is a luscious, antique looking fabric but is highly variegated. For that reason, I explain in the chart that if your piece of hand-dyed fabric has fairly dramatic, blotchy color changes, you may find that a few words are not as visible when they happen to be stitched in particular areas.  If the floss suggested for that word is light and the fabric is light in that same area, feel free to substitute with a darker shade of floss, or even outline the word to make it more visible. Also, variegated floss has light and dark sections, so another tactic is to deliberately choose the part of the strand that best works on a lighter section of fabric. 

      The first several charts printed mention, as a cross reference to Crescent, a Dinky Dyes pale gold called Topaz 46, which should be 49 (my typo). On later charts, in place of Topaz, I am suggesting Aussie Dawn 144.  You can use whichever pleases you as this design will truly be an individual work of art when you complete it.