Nashville 2014 Releases

Tickle My Fancy
Design size 153 x 154; Model is worked on 30 ct Weeks Dye Works #1166 Sea Foam linen; Dinky Dyes silk in 7 colors.
Finished size over 2 on 30 ct is 10 1/4" square.  Design uses minimal back stitches as well as full cross; ok to work over 1 thread.
 This Abode:
Design size 203 x 204;
Model is worked on  Weeks’ Dye Works 30 ct “Morris Blue” linen#2109,
Dinky Dyes silks in 4 colors.  Finished on 2 threads of 30 ct fabric = 13 2/3” sq.

Design was inspired by the works of  Emily Dickinson, American poet, 1830 - 1886 
Cross stitch with some back stitches; ok to work over 1 thread.

Quote from Henry Jackson van Dyke, American author, educator, clergyman, 1852

 Blessed Land
Design Size: 141 x 141
Model uses Wichelt Jobelan, 
Hand-Dyed African Daisy 28 ct #429507.  Suggested Floss is Dinky Dyes silk in 6 shades. Contains eyelet and unique stars created with satin stitch and fans.
This design is best worked over 2 threads of fabric.  Finished size on 28 ct over 2  is 10 ¼” square

 Spring Inspir’d Stitcher 

Design size: 295 x 227.  The model uses 28 ct white Zweigart Cashel linen.  It was worked over 1 with 1 strand  of floss. Uses  37 colors of DMC.  Finished size is 10 1/2" x 8 1/4".  

Final design in the Seasons at WaterMeadows Castle Series. Others in the series are Moonlit Skaters, Wintery Moon in the Round, Autumn Nodding, Summer Duet


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous Deb!

Melissa Melvin said...

LOVE This Abode! Looks it will be going on my wish list :-)