Nashville 2014 Releases

Tickle My Fancy
Design size 153 x 154; Model is worked on 30 ct Weeks Dye Works #1166 Sea Foam linen; Dinky Dyes silk in 7 colors.
Finished size over 2 on 30 ct is 10 1/4" square.  Design uses minimal back stitches as well as full cross; ok to work over 1 thread.
 This Abode:
Design size 203 x 204;
Model is worked on  Weeks’ Dye Works 30 ct “Morris Blue” linen#2109,
Dinky Dyes silks in 4 colors.  Finished on 2 threads of 30 ct fabric = 13 2/3” sq.

Design was inspired by the works of  Emily Dickinson, American poet, 1830 - 1886 
Cross stitch with some back stitches; ok to work over 1 thread.

Quote from Henry Jackson van Dyke, American author, educator, clergyman, 1852

 Blessed Land
Design Size: 141 x 141
Model uses Wichelt Jobelan, 
Hand-Dyed African Daisy 28 ct #429507.  Suggested Floss is Dinky Dyes silk in 6 shades. Contains eyelet and unique stars created with satin stitch and fans.
This design is best worked over 2 threads of fabric.  Finished size on 28 ct over 2  is 10 ¼” square

 Spring Inspir’d Stitcher 

Design size: 295 x 227.  The model uses 28 ct white Zweigart Cashel linen.  It was worked over 1 with 1 strand  of floss. Uses  37 colors of DMC.  Finished size is 10 1/2" x 8 1/4".  

Final design in the Seasons at WaterMeadows Castle Series. Others in the series are Moonlit Skaters, Wintery Moon in the Round, Autumn Nodding, Summer Duet