St Charles Trade Show releases - 2014

The time has arrived for me to reveal the new releases for the St Charles, MO - opening show this week.   As you know, it will take a little bit before these are in shops, but they are moving along in the process. I do hope you will enjoy them all.  We have two full size designs and five ornaments ranging from simple to complex should keep you busy!

Galactic Galliard, Harvest Brew (the autumn tea design), plus 5 ornament size smalls:

Jack Arachnid, Naughty or Nice Santa, Punkin Play, Scarecrow Sam’s Jack-O-Lantern, Star of the Magi.

Galactic Galliard 
(translates as dance of the planets) - size 253 x 253.  
Fabric is Zweigart hand - dyed 40ct  Mississippi Blue linen #3348/565 over 2 with 1 strand Weeks Dye Works cotton floss. Finished size on 40 ct over 2 = 12 2/3” sq.  This design must be worked over 2 threads of fabric.
Specialty Stitches include two types of Algerian eye, fan stitch, satin stitch, French Knot, back and straight stitch. 

Jack Arachnid - 59w x 69h; Work over 2 on Wichelt’s 32 ct linen 'Sunshower' #65-290; over 2 threads with 2 strands of Dinky Dyes floss.  This design can be worked over 1 thread of fabric. 

 Harvest Brew 
- size 100x100

Finished size on 32 ct over 2 threads of fabric is 6 ¼” square.   Model uses Dinky Dyes silk with 2 strands on 32 ct antique white Jobelan even weave (Wichelt # 862101) This design contains full crosses worked over 2 threads of fabric. Also straight, back stitch, and stem stitch.
This chart is part of a series of seasonal coffee and tea designs
Scarecrow Sam's Jack-O-Lantern 
Size 83 x 83; Work over 2 on line - Wichelt’s 32 ct ”Sunshower” #65290; Finished size 5 ¼” square with 2 strands Classic Colorworks cotton floss; 
 Naughty or Nice Santa -  59w x 69h; Finished Size: 3-7/8”w X 4 ½”h.  Model was worked over 2 threads on Wichelt 32 ct linen # 65-290 “Sunshower” with 2 strands of Dinky Dyes silk floss.  Ghiordes knot is used on beard /cuffs.  Suggested that this design is best when stitched over 2 on 32-36 count fabric
Design contains one French knot for Santa’s mouth and gold beads for buttons. 
Star of the Magi: 54w x 54h
Model worked on Weeks Dye Works linen, 30 count, #2111 Sky with  Gloriana and Florimell silk floss. Finished size over 2 with 2 strands floss =3 2/3” square. Design should be worked over 2 threads of fabric.  

Punkin Play - 68w x 63h; Work on Weeks Dye Works Guacamole linen, 35 count, #1193 over 2 threads with 2 strands of Gloriana silk floss. Finished size is 4 x 3 ¾”.  Note: Due to the beading and dainty kitten face detail, we suggest that this design looks best if worked over 2 on 36-40 count fabric/using 2 strands of floss.