Daybreak and Twilight

Twilight Star Light
Daybreak Star Bright
 There are two stars in the sky, so beautiful, they put the moon to shame.  One comes out as the sun is setting, and is named "Twilight".   The other is visible in the few moments before the rays of the early morning sun light the sky.  It is called "Daybreak". Both can be worked over 1 threads to be set in your own sky!  While these two look similar, they are far from the same, with differences in motifs, borders and colorways. These will be in shops this week!

Each is 150 stitches square with no special stitches.  Our models were worked over 1 on 28ct Jobelan. Dainty and elegant at a little less than 5 1/2 inches - finished size, each is a one of a kind!

Both charts have Dinky Dyes and DMC cross references.  "Twilight Star Light" is charted in peacock and twilight tones - and uses Colorworks cotton floss in 6 colors.  "Daybreak Star Bright" charted  in the sunlit rays of an early summer dawn - and uses Classic Colorworks cotton floss in 5 colors
 Visit your favorite shop for these two designs.  

 - Deb in Idaho