The Second Ever Tempting Tangles Mystery SAL - the FREEDOM SAL - is almost ready to begin!   If you are interested, please send $5 in USD to me at to my email temptingtangles @ .  

Our newest Tempting Tangles Mystery Mystery  Stitch-Along  is called "FREEDOM".  It is not promoting any country and only just about people.  If this is the SAL you want to stitch, please note the name "Freedom" on your payment.  There are  16 parts which will be released ever 2 weeks.  It will begin November 25th and run through April 7, 2017. The Facebook group will remain open for a while if there are any late joiners. 

The design size is 124 x 124 and each of the 16 parts of  31 x 31 stitches.  This SAL is very easy to keep up with and a lot of fun as you will see. Once you make your payment and apply here Tempting Tangles Mystery FREEDOM SAL on Facebook, so I can admit you.  
When you make your PayPal payment please indicate which SAL as there are now two SALS going on (the other is WELCOME) - Also, please mention your Facebook name in case I need to search for you.  I hope to see all of you there! 

*** IF you are NOT on Facebook, just email me at the address mentioned above and we will set up a method to send you the sections, by email. ***