Newest SALs - This Corner of Earth and Long Way Home

We hope to win over some of those who have never seen a Tempting Tangles Design!  Worked in DMC with mostly full cross stitches and a few back stitches.  SALs are fun to stitch and more, a great bargain at only $5 USD each!  Where else can you receive a full size design for this quality and price?

Equally delightful is "Long Way Home".   There are flowers, birds and even a bird house, and bits and pieces of a village of little houses including a tall, old-fashioned, street corner grandfather clock.  

On "This Corner of Earth", there is a gorgeous Victorian house, all centered on a pretty heart and surrounded with Quaker style trees, flowers, hearts and all manner of gingerbread.  You can see some additional snippets on our Etsy shop.
This Corner of Earth on brown fabric will have the first part  issued this Friday, May 19th. 
"The Long Way Home SAL" on green fabric, is into the 4th part, but all the earlier parts are there waiting for you!
"This Corner of Earth" on natural brown fabric will have the first part  issued this Friday, May 19th. 

Our upcoming SALs have 16 parts, released every other Friday- see the schedule below.  You can order both on our Etsy shop - just go look in the SALs section.  

IMPORTANT - Please make a note on your order as to your Facebook name and even a link to it. It would help if you applied to each of the groups, also. Sometimes it is difficult to find who you are on Facebook!

Go take a look and then - join us!  We have a group on Facebook and there you can chat, stitch, and see all the ideas and variations others discover as they create their own versions of each SAL.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE IS THIS:  if there is a need due to your hand held device issues, we will always email the charts pieces to you as they are released.  JUST make a note on your Etsy order or contact me. 

You will never be disappointed as my Facebook Moderators and I will make sure (double coverage) that SAL parts will be released on time, until all parts are in the group for you to download, print, kit up and put into your stitching basket.   ~~~  
Here are the ongoing SALs with release dates.