SALs Are Growing in Popularity!

Lately, it seems that Stitch Alongs are becoming great fun.  What is life without some of that?  To that end, we have released yet another!  As you can see, Sizzlin' Summer Carnival is one you have not yet seen.  

These are my SAL designs are currently available on Etsy Shop by Tempting Tangles.
You can read all the details there on Etsy and purchase for the modest price of $5 for the membership which includes access to download all 16 parts.   Each of the 16 parts for each SAL will be released per the schedule below.  Once you have paid, and are a member, you can download them from the Facebook group we set up for each SAL.  **  If need be, we will be happy to email you the parts as released.
  Above, in Row 1:
 Sizzlin' Summer Carnival, Welcome (which is only available to the end of June), This Corner of Earth,

  Above, in Row 2: Freedom with 2 views, and Long Way Home again in the center. 
If you live in the UK or Europe, find the DMC floss needed for our ongoing  SALS, This Corner of Earth, Sizzlin' Summer, Long Way Home, Freedom, and Welcome . Floss is readily available  in tidy bundles to our European and UK stitchers at Lakeside Needlecraft