Reminders of Your Childhood

Work in progress on the Great Cheshire Pumpkin SAL begins Monday, 6-26-June 26th. 
Read about it our Etsy Shop, SALs section.

 Part 1 of our old fashioned Sizzlin' Summer Carnival SAL was released on June 9th. Do visit the SALs section and read about this fun design -  only $5 USD at my Etsy Shop. 
This is an easy stitch in DMC, some back stitches, plus on seed beads ideas you wish.

If you live in the UK or Europe, find DMC floss needed for our ongoing  SALS: This Corner of Earth, Sizzlin' Summer, Long Way Home, Freedom, and Welcome .  Floss is readily available  in tidy bundles to our European and UK stitchers at Lakeside Needlecraft