No Mysteries Here - Just a Whole Lotta fun!

It's The Great Cheshire Pumpkin -  This chart has  been a haunted chart from first moment to final post on Facebook.  It was even tricky to put it on Etsy.  This design will be released in 8 double size parts, each to be available every 2 weeks on a our  Facebook group starting Monday June 26th so it can be completed by Halloween.

We ask you...What might be hiding behind the windows in that big, old house, beyond that rickety garden fence? Are those fingers of cold, white fog, rising from the weedy garden or are those ghosts peering back at you with glowing, green eyes?  And that orange yellow harvest moon above us  –  it looks like a big grinning Cheshire Cat pumpkin. And it has big, big teeth!  Eeek!  Run!!!  There was a house just like this when I was 5.  The memory still scares me.

Suggested Fabric: Even weave or Aida. This design is best worked over 2 threads although it can be worked over 1.  We suggest 28-36 over 2 or 14-18 over 1.  This design is detailed enough that we suggest you avoid working this design on very tight fabric.  A bit looser fabric will reveal all the pretty details.
Design size 140 x 132 stitches. Each SAL section = 35 x 66st;  If worked on 32 count over 2, the finished size would be   8-3/4w X 8-1/8h inches. There are 14 DMC floss colors.  I skein each except 2 skeins of 3371.

If you live in the UK or Europe, find DMC floss needed for our ongoing  SALS: This Corner of Earth, Sizzlin' Summer, Long Way Home, Freedom, and Welcome .  Floss is readily available  in tidy bundles to our European and UK stitchers at Lakeside Needlecraft 
The Sizzlin' Summer Carnival -

 Each of 16 parts will be issued every 2 weeks on a new Facebook group starting June 9th.  Do you want a ticket to ride on that big Ferris Wheel?  Can you recall the youthful thrills, visiting the carnival or the county fair?  Did you try to guess the number of  gum balls jaw breakers in that great big jar?  It's all here to jog your memory, all but the smell of roasting peanuts and the sound of popping corn! 

 This design has a spot under the base of the  pony carousel where you can add  a child’s name and birth date.   Design size 144 x 144 stitches. Each SAL section = 36 x 36st;  There are 14 DMC floss colors.  I skein each.   Will you come play with us?