November Quaker complete with Apple Cider and Wild Turkeys

For the adventurous stitcher:

 Is anyone stitching some of my Halloween-y designs?   This is more autumn than Halloween and is a really different type.  My brand of humor (I, think) mixed with a little Quaker.  

This is called November! based on a poem of the same name by Thomas Hood, 1799-1845.  Since I live in  wild turkey country and love watching their silly, autumn antics, this poem makes me think of them. Our turkeys everywhere and they are after the applies, knocking them from our trees.  

On this design, the stitch for applies can be a smyrna cross, an eyelet, plain cross stitch or as my stitcher did here for fun, a Jessica.  Fear not -  there shall be nary a  Jessica ghost will come  to haunt you if order this chart!  And there is where you can find it!  Visit my Etsy Shop for Tempting Tangles November design