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How it began...  It was all about falling in love with color and design in the form of linen and thread. The year I turned 30, I was introduced to the joy of counted thread-work. What a discovery it was to view a new friend's collection!  Her lifetime of stitching was displayed floor to ceiling and in every nook and cranny of her home!  How I longed, in that instant, to fill my home with such beauty. So much has happened in my life, though all the decades since then – equal amounts of pain and joy, successes and struggles both, and including a move from sunny Central California to the cooler, snowy mountains of North Idaho. My years with office work are long over, and now I joyfully spend my hours designing, and bringing my creative visions to life. They become beautiful things for you to stitch and enjoy in your own home... and beautiful heirlooms to pass on to your your loved ones.
I began Tempting Tangles Designs in 2009 and am distributed internationally by Hoffman, Yarn Tree, Dinky Dyes and European Cross Stitch.
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 ~~~ Deb in Idaho
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