* Meet the Designer *

My husband and I live in the northwestern part  of Idaho along with 3 1/2 rescued kitties.  I say that because half the time, one is an outdoor kitty, roaming the woods and pastures, and then during winter becomes a dedicated house cat.  All are tossed-out strays we've rescued to become part of our family.

 Our home is on a mountain ridge as the old-timers call this type of terrain.  We overlook a huge swath of natural evergreen forest, and more than a thousand feet below, the rushing Clearwater River.  In our surroundings of towering trees, curious wildlife, and dramatic  seasons, I find much inspiration. I've always been a dreamer, so it is easy to get lost,  just looking out of the window. I study colors and forms in everything. Nature never makes a mistake in color combinations so every day, I learn more and try to share with all of you.

In 2009, a  friend saw some images of "Creation" on my blog. I'd worked with that design for nearly 11 months, stitching daily as the images came to me while I slept- Godly inspiration, I would admit.  I'd planned it as  a personal piece, one to display in my home.  She urged me to find a way to publish it, but first I had to chart it from the stitched piece!  It was a lot of work, but I am still so grateful for all those who encouraged and advised me back then, and those who still do.

While I love the antique look of "Creation", and most antique samplers in general, I find that my tastes are varied.  Many types of designs from "Jumpin' Jack Frost" to "Verdant Variations" - have popped out of my mind and onto my linen.  I love the old fashioned sampler style with the quaint motifs, adore all sorts of alphabets, and geometrics are a mathematical delight.  Even so, I have to admit that those which remind me of events, imagined or real, from my childhood must be top of the list.  Most of my designs have some nostalgia attached – and good memories, and once stitched, last forever.

I believe we all want to have our work to be unique.  Little mistakes or deliberate changes make a design truly ours.  If you choose to change a color, add a motif or a different line of text, please do so.  Enjoy your stitching, love the resulting finish and then it will become uniquely yours!

 ~~~ Deb

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