CATALOG 2009-2012

Please click on any image to see a larger version. Basic supplies and size information noted.
When possible I've included either DMC or other floss xref.  However, exact xref is not always possible due to the delicate variations in hand-dyed fibers.  See more details on each by searching design name.  See "Search bar".

Across the Miles -size 111 x 112
28 ct ivory linen
DMC floss

Adam's Menagerie -Size 198 x 200
Wichelt Beach Walk 32 ct
DMC Floss

Autumn Nodding - Size: 192x255
 (WaterMeadows series) 
Zweigart Antique White Belfast 32 ct
Floss - DMC
Delft Wedding Sampler -  171 x 171
Belfast 32 ct Ice Blue
Floss- The Gentle Art
Feathers n Fins Quaker - 200 x 199
Wichelt lt brn linen 40 ct
Floss- Crescent Colours cotton

Creation - Size 286 x 240
26 ct Dublin-raw linen over 2
Floss - DMC

First Light  - Size 109 x 109 
27 ct Jobelan Summer Khaki 
Floss: DMC stitched over 1

Liberty For All - Size 193 x 233 
Wichelt LT Brown 32 ct linen #65140  
Crescent Colours cotton 

Moonlit Skaters - Size: 200 x 198
 (WaterMeadows series) 
Antique White Belfast 32 ct - DMC

Jumpin' Jack Frost - Size: 155 x 158
 Wichelt Jobelan African Daisy, 28 ct
Crescent Colours cotton

Needleworker's Abecedarius - 
255 x 414 
Wichelt natural brown linen 36 ct
Crescent Colours cotton floss
Panoply of Peacocks -  Size 257 x 353
(Panoply series)
26 ct white Jobelan over 1
Crescent Colours silks; cottons xref

Tea Time - Size  117 x 132
Zweigart 32 ct Wllow Green
Splendor+Gloriana silks

Wintery Moon in the Round -156 x 156
(WaterMeadows series)  
32 ct Belfast  Antique White 
Floss: DMC

Panoply of Posies -Size 250 x 250 
(Panoply series)
18 ct Zweigart Khaki  Davos 
Crescent Colours cotton

Queen For Today - Size: 109x157
30ct  WDW Banana Popsicle
Floss: Dinky Dyes silk

Red Finch's Winter Song -109 x 107
WDW 30 ct Sky #2111
Dinky Dyes silk floss

Quaker Rocky Road - Size -  292 x 261
Zweigart 28 ct lugana -309 Mushroom 
Floss: Dinky Dyes silk
Coffee Compendium - 242 x 296
Weeks Dye Works Straw 35 ct
Crescent Colours silk 

Panoply of Pods n Puffs
-Panoply series  119x173

 Wichelt 7696 Black Chocolate 28ct;
 Gloriana silk; xref Dinky Dyes

Giovanni's Alphabet    270 x 356
Zweigart 28ct cashel, Country Mocha
Gloriana silk +Crescent cotton: 
Dinky Dyes xref

Classic Coffee Break -129x160
Weeks Straw 30 ct;
 Crescent+Gloriana silk 
We Are One  -156x142
Wichelt Ocean Kiss, lt grey 32ct
Dinky Dyes silk + 600d perle

The Only Gift  - 179x139
WDW Putty Linen 20ct
GAST cotton; Dinky Dyes silk  xref

Tree Top Birth Sampler -size 162 x 161
Weeks Tin Roof  40 ct 
Sullivan Floss; DMC xref

Tree Top Twins Birth Sampler
size 160 x 167
available only  on TT Etsy shop

Crimson Cardinal - Size 90x91
Weeks 30 ct Sky linen
Gloriana silk floss;  Dinky Dyes xref

Verdant Variations - 206 x 202
Zweigart  linen 36 ct Clay 
Dinky Dyes silk 

Peppermint Pig - 207x207
WDW AngelHair 40 ct; 
Crescent Colours cotton floss

Purple-licious  202x204
Zweigart Edinburgh 36 ct, Sand 
Dinky Dyes Silk Floss

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