* WaterMeadows Seasons Series

 The Seasons at WaterMeadows Castle 

Autumn Nodding
Moonlit Skaters
Wintery Moon (in the Round)
Summer Duet

Spring Inspir'd Stitcher

These are the Seasons of WaterMeadows Castle, which tell the story, in seasons, of a young couple's life.  The designs for this set of panels is available thru my Etsy shop, or by contacting me directly. I will be happy to personalize the inner inscription! 

Summer celebrates their meeting beneath a grape arbor, where they enjoy their mutual love of music. In Autumn, they retire to their home in the distant castle, near the tiny village of WaterMeadows. Later, Winter finds them, in two versions- round and square, ice skating by the midnight full moon. In the distance, their children follow them.  Spring is alive with color, as the young maiden, now mature, is stitching a sampler of her own as she gazes out over a blossoming orchard from her castle window-seat.  The stages of their lives and the seasons in the fairy-tale village and castle come from my own imagination. 

These designs have gone through their own interesting stages in the last few years.  In early 2010, I created them as stitched pictures for the panels on a needlework casket (treasure box) sold by www.hand-dyedfibers.com.  A couple of years later, I began to modify each of them into more compact sampler style designs with beautiful borders and accompanying  literary quotes.  They became the WaterMeadows Seasons Series samplers.  

The final design, Spring Inspir'd Stitcher, is now completely stitched and charted, and released as of January 2014.

I still offer direct sales of the full set of treasure box panels - 19 of them - just as they were originally designed to fit Vikki Clayton's Needlework Casket.  She does still sell that box if you wish to contact her.  However, I've found that a number of stitchers have purchased the set with the plan to have their favorite wood worker friend can build them a treasure box to their own specifications, usually much larger than the diminutive original casket design of 12" x 12" x 8". They are then able to modify my panels to fit by changing the fabric count or adding another little border as an adjustment. I have charted specific quotes and personalized the name and date.  All that additional charting of quotes is typically included in the price.

You may purchase the panels by contacting me directly.  Please see the Ordering and Contact Information page on this site or at my Etsy shop.