My Own Sweet Home SAL is at an End

Hi, everyone. I have posted some information on my blog about My Own Sweet Home SAL. It has ended and we are in the month where people need to be sure they have saved all the parts. And for newcomers, there are a few more days to purchase the SAL and download. More details are here. about our the SAL "My Own Sweet Home" ending in a few days.
Or if you are not a member, you might want to purchase the SAL right away before it is gone until it becomes a chart next year.  It will be at SAL prices here until August 30, 2018.  SHOP LINK

Ongoing- Blue Poppy SAL - the Eliza Teakle Learning Sampler

Blue Poppy SAL - the Eliza Teakle Learning Sampler

Find this treasure on my Etsy shop Etsy Shop for Blue Poppy SAL
New from Tempting Tangles.  This is "The Blue Poppy  Learning/Sampler SAL".  In this SAL,  you will have excellent instructions on how to create a myriad of pretty stitches!

If you are NOT on Facebook, we will gladly email you the parts as they are released.  Please be sure to give us your Facebook name and hopefully, the link, so when you purchase so we can find you and add you in.

Purchase price is only $12 USD membership for all 13 parts: Etsy Shop for Blue Poppy SAL
Read the details on the Etsy Shop listing.

Or, send $12 USD to temptingtangles at on 

Feel free to message me on Etsy, Facebook 
or email me at temptingtangles at

Recently re-worked model for our specialty stitch Blue Poppy Learning Sampler SAL. 

Here is the original which has hung on my living room wall since 1982.

The Spider and the Fly - upcoming SAL

Did you know Halloween will be here soon? It is only 5 months away!  Be ready!

The Spider and The Fly  new mystery SAL by Tempting Tangles with hideous, Halloween things that make you scream: horrifying spider- terrifying buzzing fly. 

Purchase membership right away so you can begin to stitch each of the 12 parts.  They are going to be  released on a weekly schedule, so this scary little pair of monsters will be totally  finished for your Halloween decorating.  This is, of course, only a little teaser part of the entire, much larger, 12 part design.  Read all the details here.  For UK and European stitchers, find your floss packs here Lakeside Needlecraft

New Little, Colorful Quickies

at our Etsy shop in the "NEW" Section.

To put it in other words, simply be kind!
Judge Not is 67 h x 87 w  -stitches;
Zweigart 32 ct Belfast linen Pink Whisper
Our model was worked over 2 threads with 2 strands.
Finished size is 4'" high x 5 1/3" wide
Floss is 2 colors of Dinky Dyes floss 
95 Airlie (variegated) and 177 Vintage Plum
** NOTE: we include a very nice DMC conversion. **
Judge Not can be worked over 1 thread of your fabric

How can you resist our bunnies, no matter the season?
Who Hid Our Easter Eggs? is 58 h 83 w -stitches
28 ct Wichelt Jobelan Morning Dew #429526
Floss is 13 colors of DMC
Our model is worked over 2 threads with 2 strands.
Finished size  is 4" high x 6 ¼" wide
Who Hid Our Easter Eggs?  can be worked over 1. 
Use French knots or tiny beads.
Dusty Rose Mill Hill seed beads #02005 are pretty cute!