SAL Parts Posted week of May 17th, 2019

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I have posted to the dedicated Facebook groups, or emailed as needed, the next SAL parts for these ongoing stitch alongs.  Some are very close to ending!

Purchase the chart and the SAL parts will emailed also - on our schedule.

We will still add you to the group or email you the parts until we close that group at the end of June.

This is our current Release Schedule.  
Please contact us if you have any questions.


Summer Garden Party SAL

For the adventurous stitcher: See all our designs and SALs here Tempting Tangles on Etsy 
Summer has just begun!

I have just emailed part 1 of our Summer Garden Party SAL to our subscribers. 
We are offering this SAL as part of our Garden Party series.
Each SAL is in 9 parts, easy to stitch in the smaller sections, enlarged to fit the page. Each is emailed to subscribers once a week till all 9 parts are released
There are 3 other designs in this series.
 If you purchase the chart, we will add you to the SAL mailing list if you ask us.
If you have EVER bought one of these 4 designs from us through my Etsy shop, and want the SAL parts, let me know and we will add you to the mailing list.  My contact info is on the "Meet the Designer" page/ 

If you missed Spring Garden Party, we can send you all 9 parts if you let us know you want them.  
Later this year we will run Autumn and Winter Garden Party SALs which will include the full chart. 

The Mystery of My Creation Sampler

For the adventurous stitcher: See all our designs and SALs here

I have been pleased to see a lot of you purchasing my very first design, Creation, on my Etsy Shop   Creation Sampler  However, I have questions.

There is a Mystery surrounding recent orders of my Creation Sampler published so many years ago. Lately, since I have been seeing many orders from you for Creation, my very first design, in my Etsy Shop I wonder:

What prompted your orders?
Is there a special retreat in the planning?
Are you all friends, doing a stitch along together?

I am delighted with the orders but am curious as to the why.
I know there is a wonderful story to tell. :-)
For those who are curious and have not seen it, here it is.

Many thanks!

Deborah at Tempting Tangles