Panoply of Posies progress 12-29-09

Here, I am halfway across the bottom and will start to work on the triangle in the lower right corner today.  The large rusty thistle head is centered in the pattern.  Once I finish the lower half, I will flip my stretcher frame and work from the middle to the top, upside down.


Merry Christmas from Idaho

Wishing you a glorious Christmas from the snowy mountains of Idaho!

Deb in Idaho

Panoply of Posies progress

I'm making pretty good progress in stitching my model for Panoply of Posies.  Here it is as of last night.  I managed to stitch the blue motif done during the Dr Who episode - and that is really saying something as it was hard to take my eyes off the TV!

Deb in Idaho

Panoply of Posies will be available SOON!!

I talked to Vikki Clayton of yesterday.  She is preparing the packets of Panoply of Posies for sale.  Please keep checking.  As soon as she has them on her site, I will have a cute little holiday freebie for all of you, so tell your friends.  :-)  Deb


I have had a lot of folks ask for more info on Creation.  Please understand I am charting it, but this is a slow process due to the complexity of the piece.  There are around 30 colors, and I do have those at least.  However, I want to translate those to Vikki Clayton's HDF info also.  I did originally stitch it in DMC.  It is approx 260 x 270.  The model here is stitched on 26ct dirty linen, over 2 threads.

- Deb

The middle thistle has begun to emerge 12-14-09

 This really big thistle, (or maybe a carnation or some other spikey looking flower) smack dab IN the middle is emerging.  It is stitched with Raisin Wine silk floss, per the chart.  I really like the colors I chose for the other motifs - that dark steel blue (Old Maid of the Sea) and the smoky grey brown (Wattle N Daub).  Don't you just love the names of those colors?                                            - Deb

A Panoply of Posies

In addition to Creation, which is mounted on my stitching stand -see my first post, December 13th - I'm working on other ideas! This is Panoply of Posies, soon to be available on Vikki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers site

Each of these lovely antique Swiss motifs are really fun to stitch. You can choose colors that fit your mood and decor... or go with my suggestions.

 The antique alphabet accompanies the chart for personalizing your work. - Deb

Purchase Info 

Creating Creation 12-13-09

This is a first for me. I never thought my words would be in any sort of print, electronic or ink. Here we go, thanks to that needle flying beneath my fingertips. That, and of course my fingers that fly across the key board, turning ideas in my mind into a reality others can see.

Here is "Creation", being created. It has taken 8 months from start to finish!  Since this all happened in precisely the wrong order, now I have the task of charting my creation. You will see it soon...