Stitched pictures for Needlework Casket Antique Reproduction

I've been working on another project - actually 19 of them.  These are only three of the panels I have created for a lovely needlework casket - a reproduction casket of ones dating from Medieval times.

These are 3 of the lower panels.  They will be small - the largest being 11" wide, the smallest about 4' x 7" - all on 32 count linen over one.  The top panel with the man and woman will be fitted to the pair of doors on the front of the casket. Here is a mockup on the casket itself - at Hand-Dyed Fibers

These designs can be stitched in cross stitch, needlepoint, or petit point.  The charts will be available for sale as soon as I complete the fourth lower panel.  Many components of these charts can be used for accessories or combined into a lovely set of samplers as you will see when all the charts are released.  
-  Deb

Here, my Autumn Fox detail from my Autumn Nodding Sampler  - He's  looking for the last grapes of the season.  Looks like they've turned to raisins!
Winter panel shows Watermeadows Castle on a full moon night, skaters twirling in the crisp night air, fox and rabbit have shed their bright summer coats to blend with the snowy landscape.

Read many more details on the "What's New? Previews!" tab, link up at the top.

-Deb in Idaho


Anonymous said...

These are just beautiful!

Carolyn NC said...

Very pretty, Deb!

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful.


Kathy A. said...


Jane said...

The work you do just continues to astound me. And, in browsing your site, I realize I find it comforting to know that there are women like you who still know how to create this kind of exquisite and intricate handiwork. I think it reminds me of my late mom, who I remember watching as she patiently worked on her much simpler needlepoint projects; there was a sense of peaceful concentration about it. She would have had enormous respect and admiration for the kind of work you do.

What a gift you have!

:) Jane

Amy said...

They are gorgeous. I am so glad to find someone who does such beautiful work to inspire me.

This will be on my wish list!!

MaryT said...

Really beautiful, I can't decide which I like the best.

Anonymous said...

These are really impressive!

Edy said...

As I said, I have got to have these -- and not just for stash, but to actually stitch and make a needlework casket to keep my tools in one place. It is GORGEOUS!

JoAnne said...

I love your Autumn Fox & Watermeadows Castle. They bring back many memories.Your stitiching are excellent. Wonderful work Deb.
Good job and Thumbs Up. Joanne in Canada