Quaker Rocky Road

Quaker Rocky Road - size  330x260

Wikipedia relates some fascinating information which inspired my design. “The world's first commercial ice cream factory was opened in Baltimore, Maryland in 1851, by Jacob Fussell,  a Quaker dairy farmer.  An unstable demand for his milk led him to mass produce ice cream which allowed this previously expensive concoction to be offered at prices everyone could afford. He opened ice cream parlors from Maryland to Texas, later selling his business to Borden.”  A big bowl of Rocky Road ice cream just may have been on the menu!

Quaker Rocky Road is composed of full crosses, back stitches and a single eyelet in tones of chocolate and marshmallow, with a few nut and berry tones shades tossed in for variety.  The chocolate chunks are stitched in the various browns, so that the motifs formed by the unstitched white linen areas the look of Assisi embroidery.

Back stitched Blackwork style filigree bands, border, various motifs in chocolate and pistachio reminds us of those dainty little ice cream wafers, a plaid "shortbread cookie" border completes the look.  The design reads “Chocolate Smooths the Rocky Road of Life”.  Isn’t that the truth?

Incidentally,  Smooths and Smoothes are both correct spellings!

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Nessa G. said...

Wow! Soooo cute. I Love it!

Emily said...

This is so beautiful. Have bookmarked you so when we have enough money I can get some things.

Carol said...

Very pretty design. I like the celtic know stitch for the tablecloth, makes a nice contrast to the ice-cream cubes.
I did not know that piece of history about ice-cream. Learn something new every day :)

Shelley T said...

I just love it, Debs, you are a star!

Amy said...

Love it. I will have to put it on my wish list!

Carolyn in VA said...

Very cute!
Love the colors and the concept - chocolate, yummmm!

Rebecca (Becky J) said...

I just love this one, you speak to the heart with Chocolate. Will have to look into getting this one in the future.