Peek-A-Boo!!! - -Hallowe'en design recalls sweet childhood fantasies

Peek-A-Boo!!!   The heart-thudding mystery of who might be hidden inside all those ghostly costumes, the breathless excitement on that very first Hallowe'en night - who can forget that experience?

In my new design "Peek-A-Boo", a magical "Boo" rises in smoky vapors from the glowing innards of a cheery Jack-o-Lantern, as two youngsters peer inside, awed by whatever surprise might be there.

From the star studded Little Dipper and smiling quarter moon, to the twining bottom border of capricious pumpkins, this happy little design will lead you on an adventure down memory lane.   Complete with a whimsical bat and creepy spider webs, this design is mostly full stitches, with quarter and petite stitches lending detail to face, hands, legs.  Straight stitch & back stitched  stars, spider webs, magic fairy wand and other details create a true piece of memorabilia.  

Stitch on 32-36 count black linen, over two threads - Stitch Size 220x222  

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Kirsten said...

This is so sweet!