Panoply of Peacocks WIP

Just a wee beginning of Panoply of Peacocks. I thought I would stitch both in  Crescent Colours silk and cotton - one for me and one for my daughter.  The colors are a little different between the two sets of flosses, naturally so that will be an interesting comparison.  I'm anxious to see the Dinky Dyes silks as well and find a set of colors that give that same peacock look. 

I had a certain idea for the colors until I researched what peacocks actually look like up close!  There is a lot of green!  I cut back on the green since the teals are one of my favorite colors...

I am stitching this on 27 count white Linda, pending some pearl grey lugana for the other one.  This design can be stitched over 1 or 2 as desired.  The chart tells you how to accomplish that.  Since my walls are getting VERY full, I am more prone to smaller pieces now, unless as my husband suggested, I start decorating the ceiling!


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