Delft Wedding Sampler Released!

Recently, I was dusting my collection of pretty heirlooms my mother had passed on to me many years ago.  I had the idea to use some of those to create a Delft Wedding Sampler, knowing that June is the traditional wedding month.  The little boy and girl, originally Delft salt and pepper shakers, offer tokens of love in the form of a long stemmed rose and a valentine inscribed with a tiny word that says it all.  "LOVE".

This design, 171x171, is a pretty one to stitch and give both as a wedding and anniversary gift.  There is an alphabet included for those necessary initials and date.

The Gentle Art Sampler Threads with their lovely variations in blues add to the theme of Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue - a classic which dates from the Victorian Era.  Make this design one of the heirlooms you pass on to those you love.

Go see the figurines that inspired this design on my blog site!

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