The Last Days of Swans and Shears SAL

Hello to happy stitchers everywhere.
This post is all about the final days of  my “Swans and Shears”  SAL which has now ended.   This SAL has been running since January 19, 2018.  Now, in a few days, we will remove the SAL parts from our Facebook group.  That date is September 15, 2018.   
After that, we begin a month where SAL members re-check carefully to be sure they have saved all the parts.  There is a set of parts charted in the colorway you see above. Then there is a set with one symbol so you can choose your own colors. 

The Facebook group will remain open until October 15, 2018.  From September 15 to October 15. If  you are missing a part, you need to contact me or one of my Admins for replacement parts.  After October 15, we will not replace any lost parts.

For those who are not members, if you purchase before October 15th, I will email the parts to you.
You might want to purchase the SAL right away before it is gone.  Next year, it may be offered to needlework shops and be listed in my Etsy as a chart with a higher price. 
I hope you will take advantage of the time remaining so you can enjoy this pretty design at the special SAL price.