Enlightenment- a New SAL starting in July

Enlightenment is another in our "Words of Wisdom" series, following our Moment of Time SAL

 Hello, everyone! It was a sudden decision but here it is.
“Enlightenment” is our new SAL beginning  July 12, 2019.

Indeed, it is a mystery like most of our others ... but we can say this:  It is framed in a leafy border and filled with a variety of Quaker trees, other fun little motifs.  The center is a thoughtful Zen quotation meant to remind us of the simple, yet most important things in life.  This design is mostly full cross stitch with minimal back stitch.  It is designed in 4 colors of Dinky Dyes floss with DMC suggestions in blue green, medium light teal, rusty brown and a gorgeous variegated border combining those colors.
Or this alternate and suggested floss below.
DMC 4030 is the first on the left
 used in the alternate version.

Find it here!  Enlightenment SAL starting soon

For the adventurous stitcher: See all of our  designs and SALs here https://www.etsy.com/shop/temptingtangles

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