Our Little 'Bite-Size' SAL Parts Make Stitching Easy

For the adventurous stitcher: See all our designs and SALs here in our Tempting Tangles Etsy Shop
If you prefer, purchase the 16 part membership to Enlightenment on Paypal

Or find it here on Etsy: Enlightenment Quaker-Mystery SAL
Enlightenment is only $5 to join our 16 part SAL- don't miss is pretty design. “Enlightenment” - our new mystery SAL begins Friday, July 12, 2019. Yes, it is a mystery but we can say it is framed in a leafy border and full of Quaker trees, other fun little motifs and a thoughtful Zen quotation to remind us of the simple, yet most important things in life. 

This design is mostly full cross stitch with minimal back stitch.  It will be released in 16 parts.  Designed in 4 colors of Dinky Dyes floss with DMC suggestions in blue green, medium light teal, rusty brown, it has a gorgeous variegated border combining those colors.  All information is listed in the key as a download at time of  purchase.

Remember, this:  when you purchase from Tempting Tangles, we always have a backup plan with two wonderful Admins who can send the SAL parts on time, just in case my northern Idaho satellite dish is covered in snow. :-)

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