Ebony & Ivory

"EBONY & IVORY"  is a black and white treasure perfect for winter stitching!

Our very first design for 2015 reminds us of those soft, grey winter skies and dazzling white, snowy days to come!  Stitched with beautiful Dinky Dyes silk floss in shades of black and grey on Zweigart’s finest Edinborough 36 ct linen, white, “Ebony & Ivory” should appear  your favorite shops within the next few days.  


This sampler joins a series of monochrome samplers in the Samplers of Color series.  Our growing collection can be viewed here http://www.temptingtangles.com/p/samplers-of-color.html  Over time, more will follow; in fact, two more are currently being stitched. The series is designed so that there will be a matching set, all about the same size, give a stitch or two. “Ebony & Ivory” size is 200 x 200 stitches; Finished size on 36 count over 2: 11 ¼” square; Finished on 40 ct over 2=10” square. Finished on 32 ct over 2 = 12 ½”square.  It is best when worked over two threads of fabric.  There are full cross stitches, along with back and straight stitch.  

There is a collection of "Sneak Peek" images over on my blog - so pop over there and have fun looking!! :-)

Ks Creations

Happy New Year and wishes for a lovely upcoming twelve months.  This new year will be filled with so many exciting projects and I hope you will all share your pictures and ideas with me!  At the moment, I am thinking of an old one - the first one, actually. Creation - brought to mind by a call from a lovely lady who is just now beginning to stitch my chart of so long ago. She had a number of questions on the design, and especially about the stitching stand you see below.  
 This wonderful stitching stand is by Ks Creations -http://www.kscreations.com/ and has been invaluable to me in some of the larger projects I have produced.  It is adjustable in every way imaginable from small up to large and I have used it with scroll frames as well as Stretcher bars which I purchased from Dick Blicks, online.  I actually like those over the scroll bars, unless the design is enormous. The beauty is that you can so very easily turn the frame upside down, sideways, however you wish to access your work - but be sure you keep your cross stitches going the right way!

Wishes for a beautiful holiday

I just want to wish you all the happiest time in the last few days on 2014, a joyful Christmas Day with the best in the New Years. 
Thank you all for your friendship and support as I continue with Tempting Tangles Designs into 2015.
Much love to you all.
Deb in Idaho
Tempting Tangles Designs